If you desire and are willing to do what it takes to be a better spouse, a better parent, and a better worker, becoming a better bencher will be a piece of cake; it’s the other aspects in our lives that are not only more important, but fuel the fun things and the hobbies we do like lifting weights.  The less stress in your life you have, the better you will perform in all aspects of it.

To stay motivated, some people need crazy loud music blasting, but what if that’s not available?  I know it helps, but what if it isn’t an option?  I’m a generally laid-back guy, so the option of using anger to fuel my workouts is harder. Sometimes I can try to convince myself that something pissed me off, but that’s short-lived at best.

Why were you working so hard to prove something to someone else in the first place?  So here are a few things about me that have pushed me and push me still today to keep going – not only to keep my bench up and maintain my records, but to better myself daily, avoiding stagnation at all costs.

The motivation shot through the roof.