Sport has become more popular and more diversified than ever, and with the increase in the number of people practicing it (at the amateur level), myths about it have increased. In this article we discuss fitness:
Myth: Training was effective if you had the next day’s muscular fever.
Reality: Muscle fever is, in fact, the result of muscle microtraums when they are overloaded.
Myth: Stretching helps to reduce muscle fever.
Reality: Stretching helps relax your muscles.
Myth: The longer it is, the more effective the training is.
Reality: The most important factor is its intensity, its quality.
Myth: We need to train as often as possible.
Reality: The period in which muscles replenish and grow is the break.
Myth: Exercises of force turn women into cultures.
Reality: Force exercises help women have a more beautiful and harmoniously constructed physique.
Myth: If you train, diet does not matter.
Reality: Expected results will only be achieved with a proper diet.
Myth: If we train dressed in a neoprene suit / thick clothes we will lose more.
Reality: The greenhouse effect contributes to dehydration and can damage health.
Myth: A friend’s training program is certainly just as good for me.
Reality: Ideal is that the training program is individual and designed for you.
Myth: The scales show the results of the training.
Reality: The centimeter shows the results of the training.
Myth: It can weaken locally in troubled areas.
Reality: Unfortunately, this is impossible, every person has distributed fat in a unique way, and during the slimming process, fat will disappear from all over, not just from areas of working muscles.