Borrowed from military terminology, in fitness, the term defines those group workouts, usually performed outdoors. Their purpose is to provoke the physical and mental strength of the participants, while promoting camaraderie and teamwork.

Benefits of Boot Camp workouts include reducing stress (due to endorphins) and lowering high blood pressure.

Boot Camp type trainings are different from the classic ones from the sports halls, most often performed individually, by stimulating the team spirit, the participants being able to socialize and even friendships, motivating each other. They combine dynamic exercises of streching, running, abdomens and genuflections, with lifting weights or various objects (boxing bags, dumbbells, tires, ropes, etc.).

Many of the exercises that involve lifting weights or using your own body mass are similar to those in Cross Fit and lead to weight loss, improved cardiovascular activity, and increased physical strength. In addition to improving general health, boot camp workouts work and shape the psyche of competitors.

If the physical training is the one that contributes to the strengthening of the body, the training of the mind is the one that gives the participant to the Boot Camp the force to continue practicing sports activities and after leaving the training camp. The trainings and competitions are meant to increase the endurance of the participants, agility, concentration, strength, speed but also the team spirit and the ability to exceed your limits.

Functional training will help you to improve the quality of your daily life !!

Practiced regularly, sports training has amazing results on the body and mind. The Boot Camp pushes the limits of the participants, educating the self-control and the mental force necessary to overcome the physical tests.

The dynamic, alert and unconventional way of practicing sports is what differentiates Boot Camp from going to the gym or any other type of classical training.

Climbing on the rope, turning the tire, jumping or jumping over the parapet are just some of the specific exercises for this type of sporting activity.