Long-term rebalancing of the body through healthy and balanced nutrition, especially in combination with adequate exercise, prevents known diseases of civilization. Restoring a natural food balance leads to the restoration of normal body weight and a natural balance of the body.

Stretching and Fitness are for the human body what fine tuning is for an electronic device. They are a condition to show and feel better. As the tastes differ, the dose of subjectivism will be great in defining concepts of “good looking” and “feeling good”, which is why training will be differentiated according to the individual characteristics of the practitioners: age, sex, weight, height, exercise capacity, body health, aim pursued. Just remember that the defining feature of stretching and fitness is the regularity of exercises.


Why use a personal coach?

The main reason that people hire a personal trainer is to get professional help to help them improve their health. A fitness trainer motivates, monitors your progress, and adjusts your routine exercises when needed to ensure ongoing progress, and so individual goals are met.


Remember, the goals of each are different!Setting a realistic goal is of prime interest for a personal fitness trainer. A safe strategy is needed to help reduce body fat or maintain healthy weight, along with proper nutrition counseling and education. Many clients have special needs (osteoporosis, diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) that need to be approached differently through a personalized diet plan and balanced exercise. Your personal fitness trainer will work closely with you along with your nutritionist to provide you with a safe and effective program that will allow you to reach your goals. The personal trainer has the necessary training to train you in the correct execution of all exercises and in the use of fitness equipment, whether it’s weight loss or cardiovascular toning.Remember a moment of your life when you felt wonderful! We can help you get back there!Together, we can plan a strategy to periodically monitor your progress and motivate yourself using different training techniques. Training can be done in the fitness room or outdoors, at your choice, depending on the health problems you face. It is possible for us to train at home, at work or at the hotel.


What is stretching?

Stretching exercises, as the name suggests, are exercises that predispose muscles to stretch and act on tendons and ligaments.

The main target of these controlled stretches are muscles. They are operated by light pressure. If, during exercise, the sensation is a weight and discomfort of the muscle, it is best to quit the exercise and postpone it for the next day and in the meantime to perform exercises targeting another muscle group.


Who Can Make Stretching?

Generally, this type of exercise is recommended for people of all ages. Because stretching exercises must be performed under certain rules, like any other type of sport, children under the age of 16 or the elderly are not recommended for certain exercises. Generating mobility and flexibility, stretching exercises are recommended to be performed regularly by people who suffer from tendonitis, muscle stretches or muscle ruptures.

How to do stretching exercises?

Streching exercises are done before or after a training session, but they can also be in a state-of-the-art sport. They are also differentiated by groups of muscles and consist in keeping certain groups of muscles in a certain position for 10-15 seconds. As an optimization of body flexibility and mobility is desired, stretching exercises should be light and not require too much muscle. This sport has the advantage that it can be done in any room, without the need for special equipment or equipment.


As an essential condition, stretching exercises will only be performed after a 10-minute warming exercise has been performed. If the stretching is done on a flaky and unheated muscle, you will not get the expected results. It is imperative that during your exercise you control your breathing, as it follows: gently nose and expire long on your mouth or nose. Streching exercises are also indicated for asthmatics, helping them exercise their breathing. They will run one or two on each muscle group, starting from the top of the body to the lower one, and the breaks between the exercises will be at least 10 seconds. Because some of the positions that the exercises are supposed to be quite awkward, you should be careful not to force the muscle, but the stretch is progressive and slow.


Advantages of stretching exercises

If done in accordance with the rules required, stretching exercises give amazing results:

  • improve body posture,
  • eliminates stress,
  • intensifying physical and mental relaxation,
  • improve physical performance of the body,
  •  reduce the risk of injury to the tendons and joints,
  • give mobility and flexibility to the joints and muscles,
  • improve blood circulation.

What is Fitness? 

Fitness is a motric activity in which the individual gains a well-being regardless of his anatomical, physiological or psychological condition. Practiced as a sport, fitness requires athletic skills: agility, balance and speed. For health, it is beneficial only if you practice it regularly. In addition, fitness helps you feel good, get great muscle tone and, of course, firmness and a body line that you really want. Besides reducing the risk of a heart attack, colon cancer, diabetes, hypertension and many more diseases.The fitness term defines the physical condition. Practically, fitness is addressed to all age groups and can be practiced and adapted to people with certain conditions so we do not affect, but on the contrary, remedy the physical condition of the body. The range of exercises will help you look and feel very good, allow you to be full of energy and vitality, and all of these sums will help you enjoy life in full.Fitness has to be part of our lives as the best form of active remodeling. Going to the gym does not mean an extra journey, a trance, on the contrary means the release of stress and daily problems.


The number of training sessions should vary between 3-4 per week, depending on the purpose, but also for the body to have the time to recover. A well-established and respected program is to be carried out, which contains both toning exercises and the cardio part of the workout, the one with the most calories.


  • Toning muscles and many inches in minus
  • Beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system, increasing exercise resistance.
  • Increased neuromuscular coordination.