Apium graveolens scientific name, is a herbaceous plant, biennial, widespread and cultivated in the Mediterranean area. From this plant are used the stems, seeds, roots and fruits .

Celery Nutrition Facts

Apio has about 20 kcal / 100 grams, which is excellent for maintaining the figure and in the weight loss belts. Contains K, Fe, Mg, Ca, vitamins C, E, K, certain vitamins in group B, while the leaves are very rich in vitamin A. The leaves contain luteolin, a flavonoid, a powerful antioxidant with protective action on the brain. Some recent research also demonstrates an anticancer role of this substance.

Celery, properties and benefits

The whole plant has diuretic, purifying and carminative properties (soothes abdominal pain and promotes gas elimination).

The plant is also famous for being able to effectively counteract gout and bronchitis.

The roots are an optimal diuretic against water retention, kidney problems, nephritis.

It is an intestinal tonic, combating meteorism and constipation.

Consumed regularly lowers cholesterol, regulates blood pressure through compounds called phthalides, contrasts rheumatism (para-cimen is the substance responsible for these effects) and hepatic insufficiency through beta-eudesmol. It protects the gastric mucosa by decreasing the production of gastric acids with a remarkable benefit in the case of gastritis and ulcers.

Since the Middle Ages, celery was recommended for the treatment of melancholic conditions. It has stimulating properties on the adrenal glands and sexual functions (due to the presence of delta steroid hormones -16 which are the energy engine of the body).

So try to have this miraculous plant on the table every day.

Celery can be consumed raw, is excellent, with a strong and very pleasant aroma, you can add it to different salads or it can be steamed.

Due to the excellent digestive properties, I recommend you to consume Apio before lunch or during meal in pennies like salads.

You can also use Apio in the preparation of vegetable soups.


Celery Contraindications

Avoid Apio by the pregnant woman because it stimulates the contractions of the uterus. In the case of people with serious kidney problems it is recommended to consult the doctor. Apio strains are marketed in the supermarket even with this name.